Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!

Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!
Maddy has officially become a big sister!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sorry it's been so long...

Well, we made our 12 day trip to NY for my best friend Corrie's wedding and my other best friend Erin's grandmothers funeral. Madelyn and I were both in the wedding and it was awesome. Madelyn did really well, at the end of the evening she got fussy, but it had been a long day for all of us. Other than that, she got to see the blizzard of snow as we left NY on our long 14 hour drive back to SC. We followed snow plows out...how appropriate! As you can see she was a little pirate princess for Halloween. She went trick-or-treating for the first time and loved it. She is growing so fast. Everything is normal...going through the "terrible, terrible two's" as I like to call them. She has her own attitude, way of doing things and agenda and if it doesn't go along w/what she wants...WATCH OUT!! We are working on this. She loves school, she is still only going 3 days a week, but she loves it and asks to go on the days she isn't there. She is taking ballet and Rick asked her the other day, "Do you like ballet?" and she answered "I LOVE ballet Daddy". She knows so much I can't even begin to type it all, well I'll type a little: Counts to 50, counts to 15 in Spanish, knows all of her months, all of the days of the week, of course her alphabet and can spell her first, middle and last name. She can write an M, A and a D. She likes to write 9 too.

Well our next ckup with the clinic is Nov. 25 so we will update when we hear that everything is still good! Thanks for cking in and please keep praying for all those families in the midst, those who have not begun and for those who have lost their battles to this awful disease.


Deqlan said...

what a gorgeous pirate you are! prayers continue fo clean scans 24 nov, continue trusting in Our Lord! Please continue the prayes for our soldier, we get his results 21 nov! Prayers always, God Bless, love Mark Samm Deqlan

Anonymous said...

Hey Maddy!
Just stopping by to say I'm thinking of you and I miss you! and I will see you soon stinkerr!! Love ALWAYSSSSSS <3333

Sissy (KB)

rhenda Elsayed said...

what a pretty pirate, I hope your daughter is doing well and is always healthy, our son Ali was diagnosed last august with neuroblastoma stage4S and praying he gets better, feel free to visit his page at caringbridge the sites name is "alielsayed".I pray we find a cure soon so no other child suffers the pain of this beast.take care