Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!

Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!
Maddy has officially become a big sister!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Miss Madelyn!

First I want to say, each and every minute that we have with Madelyn Grace truly is a blessing. Watching this little miracle turn 2 this weekend was amazing, we are so thankful for her and every blessing in our life.

So, Madelyn is now in Preschool and absolutely loves it! She can name each and every one of her friends at school and both of her teachers. She talks about them every day and can't wait to get there. She still gets a little upset when we drop her off, but she is getting used to it. I think I am getting used to it too, b/c I don't cry that much anymore either!:o)

Madelyn's birthday weekend started on Tuesday. My friend Cathy and her 4yr old son, Parker, Madelyn and I all went to Charleston to see The Backyardigan's Live Show. She of course loved it and couldn't get enough. She danced and sang and when Pablo would go off the stage in his dancing red shoes, she would scream, "Paaaaaaaaabbbbllloooooooo, where are you?!" She was so cute and got a t-shirt, Tasha barrettes and a glowing Backyardigans wand. (She's not spoiled)

We then had a fun little Blue's Clue's birthday party at Madelyn's school on Friday. My brother and Liz flew in for her parties and brought a surprise for us. Our great friends from NY's son, Mitchell who is 10 and is like a brother/son to us came with them. He had so much fun chasing and catching lizards. And Madelyn LOVES him. They chased each other around the house and she got so upset when they left today.

We had an Elmo Birthday party at the Bounce Around on Saturday and had so many of Madelyn's friends there. She had so much fun and is growing so much, in every aspect. Her emotions are at an all time high. She gets so happy, excited, sad, mad and ANGRY!! Phew, the tantrums that she can throw now vs. 6 months ago, don't even compare. She is learning so much from school. She had a couple different songs that she sings on a regular basis, she can count to 10 in Spanish and knows all of the days of the week. She got her first homework assignment on Friday. They are learning the classroom rules, so we have get to review them.

I have added some new pictures to the slide show. Enjoy and adore them, I do every single day!

Thank you for checking in and we love you all! Remember that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, pray for all those children who battle this horrible disease everyday.

With love,
The Bell Family


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Madelyn!!!! We love you and sending many birhtday wishes your way. You have tons of fun ok, you deserve it.

Tons of hugs and kisses,

Deqlan said...

Happy Birtdathy Madelyn hope you had a great day and many many more! I am more then thrilled to hear the other mass is not cancer, praise Our Healing Lord ! Hugs,prayers and hope always
Samm & Deqlan

Anonymous said...

Madelyn it's sissy.
I just wanted to tell you how much I love you! You are the brightest kid I know and I am proud to say your my little sister! I cant wait to see you this weekend missy, and oh boyyyy I cant wait to go to "bigggg cityyy". I love you maddy with all my heart girl see you soon <3 (your biggg sissy)