Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!

Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!
Maddy has officially become a big sister!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's been a while!!!

I just wanted to provide a quick update as to what's been going on...

Madelyn is doing great! Her vocabulary grows every day and her cuteness is off the charts. She does look just like daddy!

We recently went Richmond for the 4th and visited with Erin and Corrie. I got in a round of golf while I was there (84, not too bad for never playing there before) but we got rained out on Saturday for pool time. Billy fed us like kings on Saturday...king crab legs, ribeye, lobster tails, bacon wrapped shrimp, and I think there were vegetables too. Rick (Erin's dad) made homemade ice cream cake. It was better than the store bought stuff!!! We fought the traffic coming home and a good time was had by all.

Sheila's real estate business is picking up despite the gloom and doom reports of the state of the real estate market. Work for me is going OK, as always, it's day to day. Kaitlyn HAS A JOB!!!!! We are very proud of her. She is working at store at Tanger Outlet in Myrtle Beach. She hasn't been up to visit yet this summer, but we're hoping for her to be here in a week or two.

Madelyn had a monthly checkup a week or so ago and we scheduled her MRI for 7/30. We got her VMA/HVA results back and they were higher than the month before. Immediately we were concerned, but many of you will recall the false levels we got last year in June and earlier this year in March. We are getting a repeat test and should have that back before the MRI.

So, that's a little blurb about what's been going on. My apologies for not posting more often. When things are going well, we tend to post very little and when we get a scare, suddenly we post like professionals.

If you are reading this, chances are you are a special person to our family. We appreciate you thinking about us (maybe just Maddy, who can blame you) and if we can do something for you, please let us know.

The Bell Family