Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!

Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!
Maddy has officially become a big sister!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

O So Long It's Been!!

I feel like each time I post, I must apologize for how long it has been since our last post. I guess, I should just post more often, then I won't have to apologize! Well, life has been very fun and busy! Since Madelyn had her port out on Oct.1, we had the go ahead to go to PA and NY. Madelyn met her Great Grandmother for the first time. My Grandmother fell in love with her, of course, who can resist those eyes and that smile. We made our way to NY and stayed a week with my brother and his girlfriend. We went apple picking, went to a pumpkin patch and went to a petting zoo. We went to the NY State Mueseum and to a the Saratoga Springs Children's Mueseum. We had a blast. I will update with pictures later. We stopped over in Fulton (the little town I am from) and stayed with Chuck & Jackie, long time family friends, and made our way on to VA for the night where we stayed with my friend Erin. Finally we made it home and boy are we still exhausted!!!!:o) While in NY we met a new friend of ours, Mackenzie Lanae, her link is to the right. She too has fought NB and won! She is the most precious little one and her and Madelyn hit it off from the first minute they met. We met at a play area at the mall in Albany and people kept asking if her and Madelyn were twins! She has the most beautiful blue eyes and the kindest heart. Madelyn and I know that we will be life long friends with her and her mom Michelle. Please pray for Mackenzie as she will have a G-tube put in on 11/28 to help her with eating. Mackenzie's primary tumor was in the same place as Madelyn's, in her chest and the surgery to remove it damaged the muscles that help her swallow.

We have an Audiology checkup tomorrow afternoon to ck to make sure Madelyn's hearing is fine after the chemo. We will get her a flu shot after that. She has a dentist appointment next Tuesday where they will ck out her 6 shiny teeth. We are all anxiously awaiting our drs. appt. on the 29th. We will have the standard ckup with the clinic - urine test & labwork and then at 11:45 we will have the MRI to make sure everything is still clear. I am expecting good news, but as they told us during chemo, this is the hardest part. Holding your breath until we get the final word from the Dr. We still haven't gotten her VMA/HVA numbers from the 8th. Hopefully we will hear today or tomorrow. I will post those results as soon as we get them.

We want to tell you all how much we appreciate you all cking in on Madelyn, the words of encouragment and the emails that we get. As you can see from previous posts, about James Runde and Grace Oughton, this is a terrible disease. We have gotten GREAT news but it is a long road. We just continue to pray for Madelyn and that her disease NEVER comes back and that she just stays a wonderful, healthy blessing from God, because that is what she is!

We love you all!

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The Preister's said...

Hi! I found your site today! I am surprised I haven't come across it sooner, many of your "links" are sites I visiit too!

I will add your daugther's blog to our site, in hopes to raise even more awareness to this terrible disease.

Best of luck with what is to come!