Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!

Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!
Maddy has officially become a big sister!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Getting ready for hopefully the final round of chemo!!!

Well, countdown to hopefully the final round of chemo...round#8. Anyway, just a brief update from the past week and a half. Madelyn has been sick. Last week she ran a fever of around 100.9 down to 99.3 all week. She really had us all on edge. She was throwing up, very tired and didn't want to eat, which if you all know Madelyn, you know something isn't right if she doesn't want to eat. We brought her into the clinic last Wed. for counts and saw the Dr. They accessed her port and gave her 2 hrs. of fluids and antibiotics via her port and called me in a perscription to give her at home. They took a culture of her port and there was no infection there. They believe she had a virus of some sort. We called the dr. everyday w/concerns about her temperature and her temperment. On Thursday night, he told us to take her temp. at 9:15pm and if it was 101 or above, bring her in to be admitted. At 9:15, her temp. was 100.9...figures! Glad it wasn't over 101, but there is some comfort when you have a child w/Cancer and they are sick of being in the hospital where all the drs. are to carefully monitor her. Although the Dr. said all they would do it is watch her, so we figured we could do that here and be in the comfort of our own home.

Madelyn's counts were up on Monday so we stopped giving her the Neupogen shots. We go back in the morning for counts. She has been coughing and sneezing a little bit. Running a low grade fever too. We'll see how her counts are tomorrow. Rick and I are skeptical of doing chemo next week if she isn't feeling well. You can see it in her face that all this chemo is starting to take a toll on her. She's more icky than before. She is crawling around like crazy and pulling up on everything. She says all kinds of funny words now. The funniest is her sister Kaitlyn is here for the summer. We got her to say sissy, but she has to say it in this high pitched voice and she says it like siiiiiiis.....ssssy! Too funny.

Please keep praying for Madelyn that she stays well and that we get through the LAST round of chemo next week w/no issues! Also, please continue to pray for all of our friends to the right!!

We love you all!
The Bells


Anonymous said...

Glad Madelyn is feeling better.
Talk to you soon. Take care.
You're all in my thoughts and prayers.
Rebecca Aaron
Paradigm Health

Anonymous said...

hey guys, just read the log. hope madelyn is feeling better. there is an awful bug going around, even up here in ny. coughing vomiting temperature etc. alot of dehydration also with the heat and humidity. people just stay in the air conditioning, and therefore don't typically feel thirsty, an skip drinking fluids, then wonder why they end up in the er with dehydration, and iv fluids hanging. probably not the case with madelyn of course, but maybe some of the bloggers will take heed to this. will keep all in our prayers, especially little miss princess. what a beauty. miss you all, and think of you guys all the time. love jackie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture! Mom and daughter are so pretty! I hope Madelyn is feeling better.