Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!

Welcome Sophia Hope Bell!!!
Maddy has officially become a big sister!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Update - Chemo is postponed

The second round of chemo has been postponed. Madelyn's counts came back Wednesday the 14th and her ANC was 72, down from 270. 270 is very low, so you understand how bad 72 is. The good news is her other counts are good. The plan is to check her counts again Monday the 19th and if her ANC is above 750 we'll do chemo Tuesday the 20th.

Otherwise, she is doing well. No fevers. Her spirits are good and she is pretty normal.

Sheila's great aunt Velma passed away Thursday morning. Sheila flew up to NY for the funeral. This is her first time being away from Madelyn and she is hating it. I asked my mom to stay with me for assistance. I am pretty sure I can handle it, but I think it makes Sheila feel better. Now at least she knows I am not feeding Madelyn Cheetos and beer. Sheila is flying in to Charleston Sunday night, and I am sure it will be a reunion to remember.

I want to send out a public "Thank You" to my uncle Sam and aunt Dianne, Dianne's mother Edna, and Bethlehem Baptist Church in Conway, SC. I received a letter from Sam and Dianne on the 17th and enclosed were 3 checks, one from each of them. I can't thank them enough. More so than the money, they have been in contact and praying for Madelyn and our family which is always needed. People ask how we get through this. It is through the power of all of the prayers that lift up our family. It is our intent that when Madelyn is well enough to be out to visit everyone that has helped our family. We receive prayer grams in the mail all of the time and we do read each and every one. It is humbling how awesome people really are. I used to look at the world in such a cynical manner, and I still find myself in shock at some of the atrocities that occur in our world daily. I do, however, have a view into the nature of the goodness of people and am thankful that there are people who love one another because that's what God wants us to do.

I'll update again Monday evening when we know what we are doing next.

With much thanks and love,
The Bell Family

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